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Amber Farm is a modern Thai company with full-scale expertise in the cannabis industry dedicated to growing and producing the highest quality cannabis. In collaboration with “King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)”, we intend to build a strong research and development center to stay on the cutting edge of product and medical development in the global cannabis market.



Amber Farm’s strategy is to deliver innovative cultivation along with processing and to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. This is the reason for our success and why we’re able to create value for both our partners and our communities.


Since 2019, the company has been committed to expanding of cannabis production presence throughout Thailand, acquiring, creating, and growing leading products for patients and consumers nationally, and continuing toward a path of profitable growth. Amber Farm’s mission is to improve lives through the goodness of cannabis and is focused on its vision to become the most valuable cannabis company in the ASEAN.

Amber Farm was formed by a team that has dedicated their working lives to the innovative life sciences, helping people overcome everyday medical conditions to live better lives.

Through scientific research, we want to create a world where there are greater knowledge and understanding of the health and wellness benefits of cannabis, and where people can make educated decisions without safety concerns or fear of stigma.

Health and wellness options come from either Thai traditional medicine or the natural health world. Through the science of the endocannabinoid system and the cannabis plant, we offer the best of both worlds – controlled, predictable, effective outcomes from a natural, and plant-based source.


At Amber Farm, extraordinary and cutting-edge cannabis science meets human understanding. The outcome is the innovation and intellectual property needed to precisely deliver controlled, specific, and predictable results for the people we help.

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The leader in medical cannabis cultivation & production of ASEAN

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  • Innovative cannabis cultivation

  • Modern and standardized technology

  • Highest medical grade

  • Solid research and development



Our company’s platform is unique. We have a full-scale of expertise in this business, and our leaders know the needs and wants of the cannabis industry like no one else. They think long term with the next step of market trend in minds.




Highest Quality

International standard of technology collaborated with in-house laboratory to assure the highest product quality

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Knowledge Transfer

Combine the best of global knowledge and technology in order to serve integrated medical, scientific, and agriculture



Social Impact

Present a highly profitable economic change to society along with the contribution of sustainable development to community 



Support R&D

Strong focus on R&D to support cannabis cultivation, scientific assumption, and research of medical purpose



Quality Control

Developing innovative and meaningful products that meet the needs and exceed the expectations


We’re passionate about what we do.
We enjoy it so much that we share it with our teammates and partners.
We make ethical choices and choose to do the right thing for each other, our communities, and our partners.
We’re respectful and stand up for others.

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